iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement: When To Get Your Screen Replaced

I recently cracked the screen on my iPhone 11 Pro and had to figure out if I should repair it or just upgrade to a new phone. After thinking it through, I realised there are definitely situations where an iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement makes way more sense than getting a whole new device. Let me share the key times when I’d recommend screen replacement for the iPhone 11 Pro.
First, if your phone is still pretty new or works great otherwise, repair is probably the better call. I mean, if I had just bought the iPhone 11 Pro like a month ago and then busted the screen, I’d be bummed to have to dish out another thousand bucks for a new one already. Or if the phone still runs super fast and the battery life is solid, replacing just the screen lets you keep enjoying this great device for minimal cost.
Another instance is if the cracked screen is hurting your professional image. I use my iPhone for work stuff a lot, so walking around with a spider web of cracks isn’t really a good look for me. It makes me seem clumsy and irresponsible. So if you meet with clients or business contacts in person, having a pristine screen again can be worth the repair cost.
Of course, it also depends on how bad the damage is. Tiny hairline fractures that don’t get in the way of using the phone can probably slide for a while. But if the screen is smashed to bits and shards of glass are falling off, it’s risky to keep using it like that. Severe cracks can cut your fingers and let moisture into the phone. So major damage means it’s smart to get the screen swapped out ASAP.
Issues like dead pixels or a touch screen that’s unresponsive in spots are also good reasons to repair. You can’t fully use the phone if parts of the screen don’t work right, so replacement makes sense. Oh, and if the phone is still usable overall despite the busted display, the screen fix will probably breathe new life into it. But if it’s totally bricked from bigger internal issues, just get a different phone.
So in summary, if your iPhone 11 Pro screen bites the dust but the phone is still in great shape otherwise, an iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement is the way to go! You’ll save money and get to keep using the slick iPhone you already know and love. But if it’s really old and busted overall, maybe it’s time to upgrade. Evaluate your specific situation and make the best call.